La Galería Magdalena


Source: La Mireia/ under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Especially in the Born district there can be discovered a great amount of urban artwork. Ambling along the narrow alleys, suddenly you might find yourself in front of a sculpture or a painting. It is very probable that you meet La Galería Magdalena this way.

La Galería Magdalena is a platform which realizes art expositions in the streets of many cities, like Sevilla, Valencia, Madrid, Mexico D.F. or Barcelona. It describes itself as a project of microurbanism and as an example of civil empowerment and artistic creation.

Founded by two young architects, at the moment of writing this, the platform has already had more than 70 exhibitions with more than 25 artists. Some projects are also open to the public so that simply everybody gets the opportunity to express him- or herself artistically. The two founders want the people to interact with their installations and to reinterpret the public space.


Here in Barcelona the platform owns a wall in the Carrer del Canvis Nous which serves as a canvas for street artists. The different urban artists get connected through the wall, following the common principle of #regalosurbanos (#urbangifts): The artists participating in the project regard everything they create as a present for the people who pass.

Want to know where exactly La Galería Magdalena is? Check out our map!


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